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  1.When you speak and write,no law says you have to use big words.Short words are as good as long ones,and short,old words like sun and grass and home are best of all-A lot of small words can meet your needs with a strength,grace and charm that large words lack.

  Big words can make the way dark for those who hear what you say and read what you write,while short words are bright,like sparks that glow in the night.

  If along word says just what you want,do not fear to use it.But know that our language is rich in short words.Make them the spine and the heart of what you speak and write.Like loyal friends,they will not let you down.




  2.Too frequently,students seem to take for granted their right,or even their access,to interviews and to jobs needed to begin their careers.Such optimism Can no longer be justified.Ten years ago,graduating students were warned that continued employment in one field for one company for one’S entire working life was increasingly becoming a thing of the past.Students could expect three or four career shifts.Today,many college or university graduates will never have the chance even to begin careers in their chosen fields.Others may find only part-time or contract work.The last decade has produced enormous changes in the way business and industry operate in North America,and in the ways in which people are employed.


  3.In many Western countries,a considerable number of parents have removed their children from school and are teaching them at home.Such children do all their normal lessons at home,often under the guidance of a parent.The first thing to consider is whether this is legal or not.In most countries it is,SO long as parents can prove that their children are receiving an adequate education,equal to that provided by their state educational system.the next consideration is whether the parents have the time,self-discipline,intelligence and patience to teach their own child week after week,day in and day out,for hours on end.Then there is the problem of wh Nat will be taught,and how.


  4.we all have strengths and weaknesses.A good manager concentrates on bringing out of each employee’s best side and combining those strengths so they complement each other.

  Since no one Person can have all the skills needed to successfully operate any organization,we need to build your team in a way that makes use of these skills.That is no mall matter.

  You must begin by knowing your team members.When you know people,you learn what motivates them and what de-motivates them.You learn how they interact with certain people and under certain conditions·You pay attention to their working style,how they get things done. Only with this kind of information can you get the most out of all people and merge their talents to get the most out of the team.


  5.Of course a certain amount of dependence on others is not only good, but necessary.Children must be dependent on their parents; and the weak must depend on the strong, and the sick on the well.And in a sense,all of us,even the most independent and self-reliant,are dependent on one another.At any rate, in civilized society, it is impossible for anyone to make all the thing she needs. No man can produce all the food and clothes he wants. He can only produce one or two things, and must get all the others by exchange or purchase from others, who are doing the same thing. So in a community everyone is dependent on the service of others,while he himself contributes to the needs of others.



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