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  [单选题]David like country life and has decided to()farming.

  Aget hold of

  Bget along with

  Cgo in for

  Dgo thorough


  [单选题]Before writing your article,(),collect your material,and prepare an outline.

  Aa topic should be selected

  Ba topic to be selected

  Cyour topic should be selected

  Dselect a topic


  [单选题]A Shelter for the Homeless Last summer I was a volunteer(志愿者)at a shelter for the homeless,a place for homeless people to sleep at night.I wasn't working that summer and was__21__only two classes in summer school,so I had some__22__time.

  Three nights a week,I__23__in the kitchen of the shelter along with four other volunteers.We planned and cooked for 45 people hot meals__24__vegetables,chicken,fish and fruit.The homeless people needed this good food because many of them usually didn't eat well.

  I__25__this volunteer work,making__26__with the four volunteers in the kitchen.One was a very nice elderly housewife,one a movie actor,another a young teacher,and the other a college student,__27__me.

  I talked to a lot of the homeless people at the shelter.Their life stories__28__me with sympathy(同情).Some of them had problems with alcohol(酒精)or drugs while others only had bad__29__.One woman worked for almost 30 years for a small company,and then she lost her job.She looked for a__30__job,but couldn't find one,for she was too__31__.She could do nothing but sell her furniture—sofas,chairs,and tables__32__she could pay for her food.The woman luck on job hunting,but she__33__couldn't find one.She had no money for her__34__and had to sleep in her car.Then she had to sell her car.Alone,afraid and__35__,she finally came to the shelter.








  Brighton is a popular seaside town on the south coast of England. Not long ago, some policemen were very 21 .There had been several ,serious accidents 22 by motorists driving too fast. The police started to set up a speed trap (速度监视器). They measured 23 of 88 yards on a straight road and watched to see 24 a car took to 25 that far. They knew that if a car took six seconds ,it was traveling faster 26 the 27 limit of 30 miles an hour.

  When the policemen were ready, they hid 28 a hedge (树篱) and started to time passing cars. During their first half an hour,they caught five drivers. The policemen wrote down the 29 of each car and the name and address of the driver. But for the next half an hour the policemen didn´ t see anybody 30 too fast. They thought that this was very 31 . One of them drove a quarter of a mile along the road and saw two students 32 on the grass. They were holding up a sheet of cupboard so that motorists could see it. On the notice one of the students 33:" Danger. Speed trap. "

  The policemen took the notice away and wrote down the names of the students. Later on they were each fined £5 for 34 to stop the police catching motorists who were 35 the law.







  [单选题]About 70 million Americans are trying to lose weight. This is almost one out of (21)threepeople in the United States. Some people go on diets (节食). This (22) they eat less of certainfoods, especially fats and sugars.(23)people exercise with special equipment, take medicine, (24)even have surgery (手术). Losing weight is hard work, and it can also cost a lot of money. So (25)do so many people in the United States want to lose weight? Many people in the UnitedStates are (26)for looking young and pleasant. To many people,(27)good means being thin.

  Other people worry about their (28). Many doctors say being overweight is unhealthy. But areAmericans really (29)?

  Almost (30)million Americans weigh at least 20 percent 30than their proper weight.

  (31),the United States is the most overweight country in the world. "The stored (32)of adultAmericans weight 2,300 million pounds," said an American scientist. He said (33)off that stored energy would produce enough power for 900,000 ears to go 12,000 miles.(34)losing weight ishard work, many people want to find a fast and easy (35)to take off fat.







  [单选题]A world like no other--perhaps this is the best way to describe the world of the rainforest. No rainforest is the same-yet most rainforests can be found in the small land area 22. 5 degrees north and 22. 5 degrees south of the Equator(赤道). You can find rainforests in South America and Indonesia. Other rainforests exist further from the Equator, in Thailand and Sri Lanka.

  Rainforests have a great role to play in supporting the world. They are home to a rich variety of plants, birds and animals. Can you believe that 480 varieties of trees may be found in just one hectare (公顷) of rainforest? These forests have around 50% of all the plants, birds and animals on Earth.

  Rainforests have their own perfect way for living. The tall trees make a huge umbrella of branches and leaves which protect themselves, smaller plants, and the forest animals from heavy rain,dry heat from the sun and strong winds. Rainforest trees grow in such a way that their leaves and branches, although close together, never actually touch those of another tree. Scientists think this is a way to prevent the spread of any tree diseases and make life more difficult for leaf-eating insects (昆虫). To live in the forest, animals must climb, jump, or ly across the branches and trees.The ground floor of the forest is not all leaaves and bushes, like in films, but is actually fairly clear. It is where leaves become food for the trees and other forest life.

  Rainforests around the world are disappearing at a high speed. A few thousand years ago, rainforests covered as much as 12% of the land surface on Earth, but today this has fallen to less than 5.3%. We hope that the world governments work together with scientists to use their power and knowledge to keep the rainforests for our existence.

  Why are rainforests important to the world?

  AThey can provide food for different kinds of insects.

  BThey can lower the temperature around the Equator.

  CThey are home to various kinds of plants and animals.

  DThey produce the best wood for house building.


  [单选题]The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said on February 9 it would award its highest honour to Arthur Ashe, the tennis star and human rights fighter who died on February 6 of AIDS. He was 49.

  The award, called the Olympic Order, is awarded to sportsmen and others for service to the Olympics and its principled.

  Ashe never participated in the Olympics, but IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch said: “I think he was really a thorough Olympian.”

  Ashe is the first black man to win Wimbledon and the only black to win the Australian US open titles.

  Last April 8, he announced he had AIDS, which he got from a blood transfusion during a heart operation in 1983.

  Ashe often worked for racial equality in and out of sports. He said the happiest moment of his life was not winning Wimbledon, but when Nelson Mandela—South Africa‘s antiapartheid (反種族隔離的) leader—was freed from jail in 1990.

  A quote from Ashe: “I have good days and bad days. My ratio of good days to bad days is about six to one.”

  The underlined word “award” in the first paragraph means “________”。

  Asend a telegraph

  Bgive a prize

  Ccongratulate somebody

  Dbe in memory of somebody


  [单选题]About 35%of all high school graduates in America continue their education in an institution of higher learning.The word college is used to refer to either a college or a university.These institutions offer four-year programs that lead to a Bachelor of Arts(B.A.)or Bachelor Science(B.S.)degree.Some students attend a junior college(providing only a two-year program)for one to two years before entering a four-year college as a sophomore(二年级生)or junior(三年级生).

  It is generally easier to be accepted at a state university than at a private one.Most private schools require strict entrance examinations and a high grade point average(GPA),as well as specific college prep classes in high school.Private schools cost considerably more than state colleges and famous private schools are very expensive.Poorer students can sometimes attend,however,by earning scholarships.Some college graduates go on to earn advanced masters or doctoral degrees in grad(graduate)school.Occupations in certain fields such as law or medicine require such advanced studies.

  Since college costs are very high,most students work at part-time jobs.Some have full-time jobs and go to school part-time.Often some will take five or more years to complete a four-year program because of money/job demands on their time.

  While the college and work demands take up the great part of a student's time,most still enjoy social activities.Sports,dances,clubs,movies,and plays are all very popular.However,gathering together for long,philosophical talks at a favorite meeting place on or near the university is probably the most popular activity.

  The American college students like to()most of all.

  Adiscuss problems on philosophy

  Bplay balls

  Cearn enough money

  Dgo to the cinemas or theatres






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